Nico Koster (1940) is a Dutch photographer who always dreamed of being a professional photographer from a very young age. He worked for De Telegraaf (a Dutch Newspaper) where he reported on several historical events. After his career at De Telegraaf, Nico Koster established his own art dealership in 1988 and became one of the leading representatives of Cobra-artists in the Netherlands.

De Telegraaf

He made his first photographs for The Telegraph, where he worked from 1963 to 1988. The first assignment he received was to photograph reactions to the assassination of President Kennedy, which left a deep impression on him. During his career as a press photographer, he had to capture many other reports that did a lot for him, such as the train hostage situation and the occupation of the Indonesian Consulate. The latter reportage earned him the second prize in the News category of World Press Photo in 1975. In 1983 he won the Silver Camera.


For more than sixty years, Nico Koster has turned his camera on art painters. He visited them in their studios, won their trust and became good friends with several. Koster: “Artists are interesting people and I was genuinely fascinated by them. From Heyboer to Appel, they were all different and always special.

Jaski Art Gallery

After his career at “De Telegraaf”, Nico Koster started JASKI Art Gallery. As a gallery owner he made the Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Spiegelstraat an eldorado, and as an art dealer he helped artists develop their market. Meanwhile, he made friendships for life.