John Lennon & Yoko Ono having breakfast - Bed Peace Amsterdam

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The series of photographs that Nico took of John Lennon and Yoko Ono during their stay at the Hilton (Amsterdam in 1969) became legendary.
It was the famous Bed-In, a protest action with which the duo wanted to draw attention to the war in Vietnam. It was a seven day stay full of madness. John and Yoko received every journalist that could visit during their stay at the Hilton, from the Daily Mirror to the local school paper.
Henk van der Meijden had managed to let him and Nico come to stop by every day for a chat and some photos. Of course, Lennon wasn’t stupid; De Telegraaf was the largest newspaper of the Netherlands at that time.
Every day, Henk did the interviews and Nico could just go on and minding his business. Not only shot Nico posed photographs but he also captured some very casual moments and to be honest, those were the best. For example the one where is John lying on their bed talking on the phone while Yoko is massaging his feet. To this day, the interest in the Hilton series has remained high, and helped Nico to establish his reputation.

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